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About the Jewelry line:

What does 'deadstock' mean?

-It means items produced in a previous decade but never used. I purchase most of my materials at this point from various wholesalers, both tiny and large, but all located in the US. Since most of them are upwards of 30+ years old, they will have developed individual patinas and because I personally love the variety and do my best to preserve it, so you can expect every piece you purchase to be unique even if the design is replicated! Previously I scoured estate sales, antique malls and thrift stores for my supplies.

-In addition to the deadstock vintage materials, I also source recycled metals [like brass, sterling silver and gold fill] from ethical companies based here in the US.

How long will it take to receive my order?

-I handcraft every piece that you kittens purchase in the order that I receive them. You can expect your jewelry to be shipped within 4-6 business days [Mon-Fri] of your order.

Do you seriously wrap online orders in vintage scarves?

-You betcha stylish butt I do.  While I manically save every scrap of paper packaging I come across, I know other folks are not as fastidious. Therefore, I decided to source beautiful vintage scarves to lovingly wrap all jewelry orders in to save on packaging waste. Even if you don't like the one I've chosen [side note: send me a message with your favorite color along with your order and I'll do my best to accommodate!], who is going to throw away a beautiful scarf? A soulless heathen, that's who.

Do you take on custom orders?

Yes! I love me some custom design work. Feel free to drop me a line with your inspiration [images are helpful,but be aware that I WILL NOT copy another artists designs. I appreciate your support of my hard work, but I know the original designer does too] and price range so we can get started on a CR original for you!


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