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Eco Styling

My job as an Eco Stylist is two-fold:

1: redefine the masses' impression of a 'green' wardrobe 

2: help train those same folks to shop sustainably which results in a banging wardrobe, more $$ in your stylish new pockets over time and the satisfaction of feeling good while also looking good.

The first is relatively easy seeing as how we humans are such visual creatures. I mean, look at these pages full of goodies! ALL eco friendly items that would be tickled pink, I mean.. green, to be a part of your closet. Your mind is already swayed from thinking a sustainable wardrobe would require hemp jewelry and tie dyed peasant skirts, right? [I used to say Birks, but they are being snatched up by the truckload by the fashion forward as much as older hippies lately, a change I'm sure the latter is greatly amused by..] The second part of my job takes a bit longer, but is no less satisfying.


I believe deeply in the power of clothing and it's ability to transform people. When someone is wearing something that fits them perfectly, it allows their confidence and shining personality to take center stage. When you take that one step further to make your money matter even more by purchasing from independent businesses and designers to supporting a fair trade organization or a company striving to implement sustainable practices in every aspect of their manufacturing process, you literally have the power to change the marketplace. Plus, who doesn't love high fives and booty tap's from Mother Nature? hint: no one.

Here are some ways we can collaborate:

  • one on one closet consultations [not limited to Chicago! thank you Skype]
  • special event styling
  • wardrobe styling for editorial work
  • personal eco shopping
  • eco consulting for small businesses

My driving force is helping educate everyone from broke college students to high rollers how to shop sustainably so don't think you don't fit the bill. Feel free to email me to discuss how we can work together!