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Cat Ladies Unite!

Merl Kinzie

You know when you're really focused on the future, making endless, excitedly scribbled lists and grandiose plans, dreaming bigger than your head thought possible.. and suddenly you realize that the week is half over and oh yeah, you have to pay attention to the current moment you're living as well. I get it stomach, you haven't been fed today and ALRIGHT already brain, I'll drown you in some caffeine.

So yeah, no beauty or home design posts created by yours truly this week. I'll have a Friday fashion feature, but today I'm cheating on myself with a fellow crazy cat lady, Miss Emily Henderson. I fell in love with her on the 'Design Star' an HGTV show she won [side note: that channel is pure crack. I don't have cable anymore, so if I find myself at The Guy's on a Monday or Tuesday, you will find me camped out on his couch, zeroed in for HOURS] and have stalked her blog ever since. She's an amazing designer and speaks to the thrifty magpie inside me with her bright white spaces and vintage knickknacks adding character. So imagine my squeals of delight when I saw her most recent transformation: A Cat Rescue Makeover!

She's also witty and writes in a way that feels like she's having a conversation with a good pal.. basically I have a massive lady crush on her, and you need to visit her blog immediately to drool over the makeover and you know, the rest of her impressive portfolio of work.

Here's to being half over the hump!