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Wear // Where [beach to the bar edition]

Merl Kinzie

[image sources: left // right]

I think it's safe to assume that Mama N is feeling a wee bit fickle this summer. Here in Chicago, we have sweltering days where the humidity and heat index are fighting for top dog status, and the next I'm pulling my sweaters from the back of the closet. This is merely an observation though, never let it be said that I'm complaining about a break from sweating every last drop of my makeup off! 

But seeing as how it is indeed officially summer, I thought what better to kick off this edition of wear // where than by taking a breezy shift dress from Snoozer Loser from the beach/pool/lake/puddle to the bar/dinner/concert/date night. Since I missed Monday's beauty post, I've tossed in some all natural + cruelty free products that should definitely accompany you to protect, and then highlight that purdy sunkissed skin.

first up, the roundup for the aforementioned sunny and hopefully wet locale: a comfy yet chic pair of strappy flat sandals [although that garish tag on that back is annoying, I know it's standard for TOMS but still.. I'm personally considering these, and I think I would sharpie that out into a triangle or something. SACRILEGIOUS I know. Just keeping it real guys.] moving on to that sassy aqua blue 50's maillot by Dethrose Vintage. I love it's classy shape with the rouching around the center panel and the detachable strap around the neck means it won't show under the floaty dress with the delicate neckline PLUS no weird stripey tan lines. Notice, I said tan and not burn.. [warning: Merl PSA coming] WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN PEOPLE. As a day walking ginger, I've finally -at age 30- come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to accrue enough freckles to be tan, and the skin in between them will never be darker than a ruddy white. Don't get me wrong, I love my little frecks, but the burgeoning wrinkles I can do without. PSA over. SUNSCREEN. Just kidding, now it is. Next up is the fabulous floaty dress that's hand printed & sewn in New York by Snoozer Loser. Simple and sassy with the ability to go casual like above, or sleek like below. To carry your sunscreen, lip balm, water bottle, towel and some magazines [I favor Scientific American over fashion rags, especially while at the beach. I don't need to see airbrushed bodies while sunning myself] you need a carry all... and why not make that carry all a funky one? The hand painted giraffe on this large sisel bucket bag from Trustfund takes the tote from sufficient to LOOK AT MY UNIQUE BAG status. Finishing this round up, don't forget a floppy hat on your noggin. This one is handmade in LA, using old school millinery techniques -complete with vintage hat block- and is a sleek style that's just oversized enough to shade your face and chest. The skin on your pretty mug and decolletage is a lot thinner than other areas, and needs a respite from that sizzling orb in the sky from time to time. Plus, I'll take a paler face over raccoon eyes any day.

You've frolicked in the sand, splashed in the water, napped in the warm shade and hopefully got just enough sun to feel loaded with Vitamin D without winching every time the breeze hits you weird. Maybe you have time for a quick rinse to refresh, and maybe you just have time for some refreshing after sun lotion before you dust on some bronzer and highlighter, maybe even some contour if you're feeling extra vampy, then plump up those lips with some rich red lippy, and some sea salt spray in those tousled locks. Slipping that uniquely printed number on again, follow it with some elegantly simplistic gold jewelry like that upper arm cuff [the minimal nature keeps you from looking like a Cleopatra extra] and a personalized initial necklace. Continuing the 90's aesthetic, slip your hooves into some strappy cream heels to elongate that lower leg area. Finishing off the ensemble with a kick, toss your lipstick, wallet and 5th appendage aka your phone into this fair trade envelope clutch from Unikati. Though it packs a sartorial punch with the mint and rorange contrasting embroidery -done by hand- it's surprisingly versatile when it comes to mixing into outfits. Plus it has a chain strap so when you get sick of carrying it under your arm, slip that bad boy over your shoulders and leave those hands free for clapping while you dance. C'mon, I can't be the only one who goes nuts over a jingle with some hand percussion?? I didn't think so.

Wherever this weekend takes you kittens [seriously, I throw zero shade at splashing in puddles], make it a sassy one.



*While this is not technically a sponsored post, it does feature items from my sponsors, the folks stocking the Sustainable Style pages. My main goal with this site is supporting and showcasing eco friendly and ethically made items, but I have an extra special place in my heart for other small businesses. Show them some love and help enable all of us continue to fight the green fight. [insert fist bump + green plant emoji here].