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Make Me Some Macrame, Missy

Merl Kinzie

Listen guys, this week got away from me so I'm just admitting this right out the gate that this post is not what it could've been. I had big plans for showing the world my obsession with weird fiber art, but it's 3:34 in the morning, I have to catch a cab at 7 am to the airport and the apt could use a once, make that twice over before I leave. I'm headed to heatstroke central, aka LA for 6 days to fry my skin, see some friends and finally relax with The Guy without work distracting us. So I ask for some leniency.. After all, I DID still find you 6 awesome -and affordable!- pieces of macrame art. See ya poolside suckas!

[left  //  right]

[left  //  right]


[left  //  right]

I'll be back on Friday for a new fashion feature on the blog, but until then, this brain is getting turned OFF.