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white on white..on white


white on white..on white

Merl Kinzie

TA-DAAAAAA! the very first Eco Styled lookbook for the new site! I am so dang thrilled with how this came out. So thrilled in fact that I had the hardest time narrowing down the images to share.. which is why there are 25 pages. I blame Carolina for being an amazing photog and Kate for a beautiful model.

[vintage 90's cotton blouse from Dethrose Vintage {similar} // vintage 80's earrings turned shirt clips from Kokorokoko {similar} // stylist's own vintage 90's Levi's cut offs {similar: here, here, here} & thrifted bangle]

When I was starting to brainstorm in mid April, I knew two things: I wanted to feature the white on white [on white] trend and I wanted Miss Carolina to shoot it. She is not only a rad lady to hang out with, but she's got major skills behind the lens and I knew I could trust her to create beautiful images. I'm a bit of a control freak, and while I've styled and photographed shoots before, I wanted to really focus on solely styling since my photographer eyes can take over and focus more on the composition and catching the light rather than if a shirt isn't tucked correctly. Luckily, the overcast day provided PHENOMENAL soft light and once the Lensbaby entered the picture [har har] the magic began.

[vintage 50's eyelet dress from Dethrose Vintage {similar: here, here, here} // OOAK clyde's rebirth necklace {coming soon!} // stylist's own vintage belt]

Another decision I made while planning the shoot was to feature non models shmizing for the camera. While those ladies are professional pouters for a reason [hello 5ft legs and cheekbones you could cut glass with] I wanted to showcase bad ass ladies working hard in other fields. I want to prove that you can be any size or shape, and still look and feel beautiful. It's all about finding cuts and styles that flatter your unique frame and buying the highest quality, eco friendly version you can afford. And who better to start things off than my gorgeous sister Kate who also happens to be an incredibly talented film maker. She shot the 'behind the jewelry' videos to help launch the new customizable line of my handcrafted jewelry and also created a time lapse video of this exact shoot! [Note to self: try to look less like a shlubby hobo the next time I style a shoot.. at least I'm keeping it 'authentic' right?]

[vintage 80's ivory sleeveless shell {similar} + 80's beaded necklace {similar: here, here} from Kokorokoko Vintage // OOAK clyde's rebirth handmade necklace {coming soon!} // stylist's own second hand trousers {similar} ]

I also wanted to primarily use vintage pieces in the ensembles to show how you can still look very modern while using items from decades past. As further incentive, rocking vintage means you'll rarely if ever come across someone else clothed in the same duds as you. No awkward 'who wore it best?!' contest for you kittens!

[Estelle necklace by clyde's rebirth // American Apparel crop top {similar: here, here} // vintage 60's circle skirt +  vintage T-straps Mary Janes from Dethrose Vintage]

My other goal for this shoot was to show a range of styles from casual cut offs to an elegant, yet sexy 50's silhouette to a slouchy glam get up and a few in between. With every trend, there's always a myriad of ways you can interpret it depending on the style you're most comfortable in. The MOST important thing is to have fun and feel good. It doesn't matter if the dress is banging on the hanger, if you feel pinched or oddly loose, leave it in the store.

[vintage 50's wiggle dress from Dethrose Vintage {similar: here <-could remove the collar if it's too much for you, here} // stylist's own thrifted bangles and wedges]

If there's any other photographers out there.. you will understand the happy dances and strange guttural squeals that were emanating out of our mouths. I was honestly jealous that Carolina got to shoot in this beautiful light with Kate looking all glam and twirling just so for the lens. I had to be content with fixing Kate's hair every two seconds and holding the reflector ha.

I'm overjoyed with how this shoot came together and am already planning the next month's edition. On that note, if you're in the greater Chicagoland area, I'm always looking for new eco friendly brands to feature! Feel free to shoot me an email with your webshop or website. Let's make some green magic.