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Refined Hippie

Merl Kinzie

So there I was, scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest, when the above image [via Domaine] seized my eyeballs in a death grip and demanded I revamp my entire home to exactly match the decor featured. I would love to say I actually now live in a replica of the Citizens of Humanity showroom, but in all honesty, all that amounted from that intense encounter was a myriad of sketches mimicking how I could make those sexy sleek built in shelves work above my fireplace. I AM on the hunt for more b&w art as well as some new throw pillows.. it's true, the time has finally come to retire the crappy UO ones I've had since 2007. Insert shocked, eyes wide open emoji here. I know kittens, I know.

Luckily for anyone also hit with the GIMME GIMME GIMME's after laying your eyes on the masterfully designed space above, I've created not only some helpful collages, but links upon mother trucking links of quality, eco friendly goods to help you achieve your own version of this dreamy, bright space. First up: Textiles.

[one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five.. five 1/2]

As you can see, there's a lotta prints countered with a lotta white happening in the space. The key to making this work in your own abode, is to not only strike a balance between complicated and simple, but also stick to a loose color palette. Above, I chose to stick with my rust tones with bright citrus accents, and then play up the textures in the neutrals. Plus a little punch of graphic b&w prints will echo the lines in your fruit punch pieces while actually acting more like a neutral with the lack of color. Also.. if you're anything like me, aka the grubby little street urchin, white couches spell disaster. That's why I recommend snagging some oversized white throws or blankets to lay over a solid colored couch to imitate the same look, but with the possibility to clean easily. Also, as a bonus, that striped blanket apparently ships from a volcano.

[seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve]

Oh you funky little mix of b&w art, how I love the crap out of thee. The best part about restricting yourself to only buying colorless pieces, is that you can go NUTS with subject matter and medium. Vintage posters, magazine tears, prints from a favorite painter, heck even string art will look chic as hell when it's a: framed professionally and b: grouped on a gallery wall. It will look like a cohesive set, even when you're mixing Cher with Tarzan.


[thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen  //  sixteen  //  seventeen  //  eighteen //  nineteen  //  twenty  //  twenty one  //  twenty two  //  twenty three ..aka 16 again //  twenty four]


That sudden loud banging noise you hear is my heart doing the pitter patter dance. Give me all the funky vintage objects and give them to me A large part of me cannot even believe I'm sharing all these goodies with you, with their direct links no less! Actually, by the time you read this I may have already pulled the trigger on one or two because the thought of someone else possessing their quirky, one of a kind charm is honestly painful. But someone's gotta afford Clyde's wet food prescription.. [as a side note, I would recommend taking a mosey down the nearest beach to you to scoop up some driftwood before purchasing any online.. however, if you are as landlocked as can be, here's a few more funky ones to choose from.]

You may notice I haven't included any furniture in the roundup above. That's because buying furniture online, especially bigger pieces is a serious gamble that I do not endorse. Some sellers are incredibly knowledgeable and describe their wares accurately. Others, HA. Before you resort to shelling out a hefty penny for not only the object, but shipping, take your ass to the local thrifts, consignment and vintage stores. Not only will you get to examine and test out the furniture in person, but you will be supporting a local small business or charity with your commerce. That said.... these stools are flipping amazing, and I happen to know that Kylie is a master at her trade of refurbishing forgotten gems. The only stipulation, is if you buy them, you have to invite me over for cocktails so I can admire them in person. I take my Jameson on the rocks with a lemon, thanks sugar.

I'll leave you with my new desktop background and mantra to live by [below].