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Merl Kinzie

Hi kittens, it's me Merl again. I know... another new website. 'What's so different about this one, huh?!" you may be asking yourself. The answer is, A LOT. Not only is this a place for my blog-which I already have TWO POSTS up on, but this site also houses not only my handcrafted jewelry line, but also pages and pages of Sustainable Style. That's right, I'm partnering with other dedicated, eco friendly brands [and some affiliate links] to bring you all your closet could need and want when it comes to apparel, accessories and eventually adding home decor & beauty to the roster. My mission, which you're damn sure I've already accepted, is to make this a one stop shop for 'green' goods and information, all with that hefty dose of ginger sass.

For those of you new to the clyde's // rebirth family, I've got some handy links to catch you up to speed. Check out the About page to learn my real name, the CR jewelry page to see the goods, and then click over to the Eco Diet which is essentially my icebreaker into the world of eco friendly goods for the newbies. Then, once you're well versed in the cat lady turned friendly eco warrior word, support the brands [and yes affiliate links] that are gonna help make this whole website endeavor worth it on the Sustainable Style pages. FINALLY, you can check back here for new blog posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday covering topics from eco fashion to au naturel/cruelty free beauty products to sustainable home design.

I KNOW. It's like I finally have my shit together. Thanks for sticking with me kittens. Let's make some eco magic.