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{ECO GIFT GUIDE} For the Minimalist Gal

Merl Kinzie

On the rare mornings that my guy and I are getting ready at the same time [he's got a job in the loop that requires his presence early.. and I growl at anything before 9 am] there's been a handful of times when he remarks on my mostly black wardrobe.. usually with a comment like "Oh, black today huh?" In my defense, filling my closet with dark hued items means everything matches, my jewelry POPS and I can always show off the fine smattering of cat hair that follows me everywhere. Win, win, win. I know I'm not the only one who stuffs their wardrobes with quality neutrals so I decided to come up with another Eco Gift Guide for the Stylish Minimalist in your life.. or the person you see in the mirror. In this post, you'll see 6 different outfits to fit a variety of aesthetics that can also be mixed and matched with everything else on the list. Basically I found you a brand new wardrobe full of eco conscious items that I will be over to pilfer through immediately. On that note, I'm a 7.5 shoe and 28" waist.. hint, not so subtle hint.

{1:Handmade Oversized Square Cotton Tunic Top from Etsy// 2: Rosalyn CR Necklace // 3: Eco Dyed B&W Chevron Alpaca Wrap from Need Supply // 4: Vintage Pony Hair + Tan Leather Purse from Etsy // 5: Sleek Black Leather Bootie from Need Supply}

You guys may need to act fast, and I mean faster than a kid who's just inhaled 8 pixie sticks and wants the last one fast, because I'm about to snatch up that vintage pony hair purse. I already own the top and can attest to it's super magical comfy while still looking classy properties. Add some thick leggings to battle the winter cold, and you're good to go!

{1:Black Cotton Crop Sweater + 2: Business Pajamas, I mean Black Cotton Harem Pants From American Apparel // 3: Digitally Printed from a Hand Dyed Sample Oversized Scarf + 4: Black Leather Handmade Clutch with Copper and Tan leather Wristlet from Scout & Catalogue // 5: Sexy but Classic Black Pumps from Emerson Made}

May I present the best real life version of a jumpsuit [aka the one you can use a restroom in under 20 min while wearing]: The cropped sweater and high rise 'jumpers'... oh give it up people, call em what they are.. DROP CROTCH PANTS. My guy has another term for this, but since we aren't 5 years old, I'm gonna keep that version to myself. These pants are insanely comfortable and absolutely deserve to be in my 'Business Pajama' category and while they can definitely look shlumpy with the wrong accessories, adding some timeless, sexy black heels, sleek black leather clutch and an oversized scarf, you'll stay firmly in the 'chic and shit' realm.

{1:B&W Silk Sleeveless Dress from Amour Vert // 2: Dixie Handmade Collar Necklace from CR Jewelry // 3: Handmade Wendy Bracelets from CR Jewelry // 4: Modern Black Leather Loafer from Everlane // 5: Vintage Southwestern Print Button Up Cardigan from Etsy // 6: Grey & Black Tunic Top from Amour Vert}

I will forever stand by the advice that people should own at least 2 dresses that are a high quality, breathable material [the above are silk], a classic look that will never go out of style, and that have the perfect split personality to be classy one day, casual the next. These two from Amour Vert fit all the requirements and could be worn year round. The sleeveless sheila on the left is obviously perfect for every damn outing all summer long from weddings to drinks on a patio at your neighborhood bar, but also works perfectly under warm layers in the winter. I'm basically in major lust with the quirky tunic [or dress if you're a mini] on the right which is definitely on my wish list. It's got such a unique, almost dress-overalls type look, without looking too cutesy or awkward. Merl waaaaaaant.

{1:Eco Dyed B&W Chevron Alpaca Wrap from Need Supply // 2: Loose Fit Linen Cut Out Sweater from Shopbop // 3: US Made High Rise Indigo Denim Jeans + 4: 100 % Cotton Rigid Jeans from Imogene & Willie // 5: Cecil Long Pendant Necklace from CR Jewelry // 6: Black Cotton Long Sleeved Shirt with Open Back Twisted Detail from Shopbop}

That's right, this scarf that has gotten be softer than a baby kitten is so great it made my list twice. It's a bold graphic print, but it would literally go everything in your closet, scouts honor. For this grouping, I wanted to give two almost identical, yet wildly different versions to fit the two main types of jean wearers. On the left, we have the bombshell, high rise fit that is paired with a loose, drapey fit lightweight sweater that can be left untucked for a more casual, modern look, but also tucked in for that Betty Paige, 'dangerous curves ahead' appearance. On the right, the proportions are flipped with the straight leg, hip and waist, rigid cotton jeans paired with a nipped in, elegant, cut out back blouse that helps define your shape while allowing the jeans to be a looser fit. However, for both looks, I think it would look killer and quite unique to have the necklace reversed, with the pendant hanging down your back and peeking out from the keyhole backs of the shirts.

{1:B&W Dainty Polka Dotted Trousers from Amour Vert // 2+3: Snap Front, Mixed Knit Back Sweater from Craft & Culture // 4: Handmade Olympia Ring + 5: Delilah Necklace by CR Jewelry // 6: Hand Dyed Canvas Tote from Scout & Catalogue // 7: Handmade Caramel Brown Leather Boots from Etsy}

I feel like I should apologize.. this outfit would've been PERFECT for keeping it classy yet allowing for multiple food babies throughout the day on Thanksgiving, and I'm sorry I didn't show it to you in time! Good thing it also works for any and all casual holiday parties where you want to look pulled together, but don't want to limit your pie consumption. The entirely hand fabricated jewelry [by yours truly] pops off that unique, snap front [at the shoulders] sweater with the unique varied knit detail on the back, and that hand dyed tote is big enough to pack your hostess gift of wine and more wine. Don't even get me started on those funky handmade leather boots that can help you walk off the 3rds from the buffet table, and will wear oh so perfectly over time.

{1: Hand fabricated Sterling Silver & Gold Fill stacking rings [coming soon!] + 2: Olympia Ring + 3: Lucille earrings from CR Jewelry //  4: Silk Peplum Waist Blouse from Amour Vert // 5: Distressed J Brand Jeans from Shopbop // 6: Convertible Cream Cowl Sweater from Shopbop // 7: Vintage Dove Grey Suede and Leather Boots from Etsy}

Last but not least, I pulled together an outfit that lives firmly on the lighter side of the neutral world. You could switch in some light hued pants if you're dead set on that winter white look.. but I'm not that brave or clean. I wanted to juxtapose the distressed nature of the jeans with a very delicate, elegant vanilla silk blouse and convertible cowl sweater combo.  The slim fit, duo textured, stiletto heeled boots and streamlined jewelry balances this ensemble perfectly. Seriously, someone buy those boots NOW, I can't justify another pair right now.. Just kidding, I totally can.

You also may notice that many of these items are on the higher price end of things.. and while I don't expect anyone to toss a CC number at this entire list [if you can though.. see my sizes at the beginning of this post], investing in any one of these pieces will save you time and money in the long run because these kittens will live in your closet for years on end thanks to their high quality and timeless yet unique styles.

check back tomorrow for another Eco Conscious Gift Guide!