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Hi! My name is Merl. My mother spells it Merle, some people write Merrill and phonetically it would be Murl. My actual name is Merrillan, which is a town halfway up Wisconsin on the western side that is pronounced Marilyn but my parents were determined to bestow a life of teaching people how to say my name so it's pronounced Mer-RIL-Lyn. Now that we are best friends, you should come over to roll in cat hair, I mean sit on my couch and meet my 3 felines. One of them might put on the vapors, but that's because he's kind of famous. When I began my jewelry line in 2009, I knew that I wanted to incorporate Clyde's larger than life presence in my life into my brand name in addition to acknowledging the eco conscious efforts that serve as the bedrock behind my jewelry line. The line has morphed from one of a kind creations crafted from deconstructed vintage jewelry into limited run seasonal collections utilizing both vintage deadstock materials in addition to recycled metals made here in the USA. They are available here, in addition to an ever growing list of stockists AND my very own storefront in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. If you find yourself in town, be sure to swing by The Shudio to shop CR goods in person alongside a curated selection of vintage and handmade goods!